Sell With Us

The most important reason we started Shop That Closet is to be able to do something good for our planet. So maybe you may have fallen out of love with something in your closet but that doesn't mean someone else won't fall in love with it!

Why not sell it, earn cash and some good karma? Depending on the quality of the piece, you can earn up to 70% to 85% (excluding shipping costs) of the values consigned with us.


Pieces of clothing, jewellery or accessories from established Indian designers and are in New, Almost New or Good condition. Have a doubt about your piece? Send us an email via the Contact Us Page or email us at

There is no listing fees. For self-managed accounts, where you hold the product and upload pics, the commission is 15%. For accounts that require our help in uploading and photographing, the commission is 30%.

Want to start selling, Register here to create a Vendor profile and start listing.